The Knights Award


Founded by the Uknighted Business Club and supported by influential icons, The Knights Award transcends the traditional award recognition platform. It serves as a dynamic arena where recipients enhance their brand visibility, fostering opportunities for cross-industry and cross-border collaboration. Winners have the opportunity to expand their influence and professional connections by engaging with a diverse spectrum of industry experts. May the stories of all these luminaries inspire a better tomorrow for mankind.
The award’s criteria for selecting winners encompass factors such as business model, financial performance, and sustainability, with the ultimate decision resting in the hands of the esteemed Council of Lords.
Contrary to concluding on the event day, The Knights Award stands as an ongoing initiative, dedicated to propelling winners to greater heights through a variety of strategic efforts.
Seasons 1 and 2 in 2023 celebrated over 100 illustrious success stories from diverse backgrounds across Asia, solidifying The Knights Award’s commitment to recognizing and empowering outstanding achievements in the dynamic landscape of business and innovation.
The Council of Lords is comprised of exemplary figures of regal ranks, whose credentials are applauded and respected in the public eye. Their impeccable life work are acknowledged as the outstanding merits that have made a difference in their industries, the society and the entire nation. The Knights Award is proud to have them in the Council of Lords to honour the award winners.